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Nearly 30 years of exceptional
service in food manufacturing. 

How Our Story Began

We genuinely feel the Stampede story is worth sharing – it’s a story we hold dear. Follow along and learn how Stampede was born, the obstacles along the way, and our vision for the future. Our journey to becoming North America’s leader in the sous vide space with a safety record that’s unparalleled, was not an instantaneous achievement. The experience we’ve gained humbles us, and we deeply value our partnerships built on trust with consumers, customers, and vendors. 


The Beginning

The Stampede story starts in the mid-90s when the company opened its first facility in the Chicago Stockyards on January 14, 1995. The founders of Stampede have a clear vision — to provide restaurants and steakhouses with exceptionally competitive center-of-the-plate beef and pork entrees. This marked the beginning of Stampede’s commitment to delivering high-quality culinary offerings to the food industry. 


Early Pioneer in Sous Vide

Shortly two years later, Stampede acknowledged the importance of being culinary innovators for their valued customers and unveiled the opening of the Oak Lawn sous vide cook facility. The initial pounds produced this year symbolize the beginning of the exciting Sous Vide journey for Stampede. 


Major Expansion

Due to the team outgrowing its previous facilities, Stampede makes the decision to break ground on what now stands as our headquarters in Bridgeview, Illinois. This expansion marked a significant milestone as our first major expansion to accommodate our growing operations to meet the increasing demands of our valued customers.


Expanding Our Offerings

The team decided to redefine Stampede’s image, the goal is to move beyond being perceived as solely a beef and pork company. We expanded our product offerings and began processing poultry items for a wide variety of existing customers.

Southwest Chicken

Brock Furlong’s Leadership

Brock Furlong is appointed as President & CEO by the former board of Stampede. With more than 30 years of experience in the protein industry and leadership roles, Brock brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. During his initial years, one of his key priorities was to formalize the company’s core values. “I was new to the team, and I had to earn the trust of those I was about to lead. I called a meeting with the executive team to discuss the company values.” reminisced Brock. “These values had always been integral to Stampede’s culture, we just needed to put pen to paper. After that, I met with each and every employee to discuss and review the values. It took me months, but I needed to make sure I had the unwavering commitment from every member of our Stampede family, my new family.”

Southwest Chicken

Expansion to New Mexico

Stampede announces its first major expansion outside of Illinois when they purchased a vacant production facility in Sunland Park, New Mexico. “Our goal was to expand our geographical reach and enhance customer service. Initially, the project was intended to be a facility remodel, with no intention of breaking ground. However, we quite literally had to break up the old flooring and pour new concrete flooring within the existing walls due to unforeseen circumstances to improve the plant floor’s draining system,” shared Lee Koepke, Vice President of Operational Integration. “With shovels in hand, we made the most of the situation and even commemorated the event with a groundbreaking ceremony!”


International Expansion

Stampede seeks to expand outside of the U.S. and looks to Canada given customer demands for Canadian supply. In March of 2021, they revealed Stampede North, a processing facility in Cambridge, Ontario – marking the moment it became an international company.

A Partnership is Born

The growth momentum continues as Stampede partners with DL Lee & Sons in Alma, Georgia to expand sous vide capacity. Today, Stampede South is the largest sous vide manufacturer in North America and continues to grow their capabilities.