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Elevating Food Safety

Don’t leave your brand’s safety to chance. Stampede’s innovative Safety Lock Advantage Program takes food safety to the next level. Our fully integrated system incorporates multiple defense strategies to protect your brand and ensure wholesome quality products.

With Stampede’s Food Safety and Quality Systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that your protein products undergo a fully integrated and continuously evolving food safety system that exceeds government and industry standards.

With Stampede, you can trust that our robust food safety programs prioritize the well-being of your customers, allowing you to focus on growing and elevating your brand.

Safety Lock Advantage Program

  • Continuous Temperature Control

  • Controlled Plant Entrance and Egress

  • Touchless Sanitation

  • Proprietary Multi-Layered Intervention Steps

  • Independent Lab Validation

  • Critical Control Points

  • Hold-and-Release Program

  • Rigorous Finished Product Sampling

  • Third-Party Audit Confirmation

  • Proprietary Crosshatch Pattern Seals

Controlled Environment

Stampede has strict measures in place to control the environment within all facilities to ensure they are clean and thus minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Daily ATP Rapid Hygiene Testing: performed before every production run

Monthly Environmental Monitoring Testing Program: utilized to confirm the effectiveness of our sanitation process

PPE & Boot Control: employees and visitors are required to wear necessary PPE’s which encompasses a mandatory Capture Boot program mandating specified footwear solely within the plant

Sous Vide Processing

Stampede’s proprietary process for Sous Vide / Ready to Eat products incorporates techniques and procedures that elevate food safety standards for consumers. 

Critical Control Points: documented and validated written procedures in place for each CCP to meet food safety standards

Clean Room: we adhere to the thorough and effective USDA Listeria Guidelines for post-lethality exposed products

Finished Product Release: cooking and chilling documentation is reviewed and verified prior to being released for distribution

Quality Standards

Stampede takes pride in providing the highest quality products to our valued customers.  It is achieved by ensuring all items entering and existing our facilities meet our stringent quality and food safety standards.

Supplier Management Program: ensures all raw material, ingredients and packaging material vendors meet the supplier expectations set forth by Stampede

Quality Products: all finished products meet or exceed customer requirements including organoleptic and physical product specifications

Foreign Material Control Program: products are run through metal detection and/or X-ray before the final pack-off process  

Raw Processing

For over two decades, Stampede has effectively and successfully implemented the use of an antimicrobial intervention step on each sub-primals which are processed. 

E.coli 0157:H7 and Spoilage Bacteria Prevention: prior to being processed, beef subprimals and poultry pass through a validated antimicrobial multi-hurdle intervention step

Critical Control Points: critical limits are identified in our HACCP Program to prevent food safety hazards

Hold-and-Release Program: beef products undergo testing by the most rigid sampling plan and must yield negative results prior to distribution

Facility Audits

Stampede’s comprehensive food safety initiatives are applied throughout all our facilities to guarantee exceptional audit results.  We strive to continue to achieve top scores in our annual GFSI – BRC audits, customer food safety and quality audits, and independent 3rd party Food Safety audit.

Any Questions?

How do you ensure the employees are trained on GMPs?

Our employee’s go through annual extensive online courses that are uniquely designed for our plants and are conducted in all necessary languages.  Additionally, ongoing coaching is provided on the plant floor.

How do you approve suppliers?

Our supplier approval and onboarding process includes participation from our raw material, seasoning, and packaging procurement teams to work closely with our FSQA team and require suppliers to go through several approval modules.

How do you determine the shelf life of the products?

We determine shelf life utilizing historical information and verify with lab and organoleptic testing in collaboration with customer requests and requirements.